The University of Augsburg professorship for training- and movement sciences warmly invites the ‘Sektion Sportmotorik der Deutschen Vereinigung für Sportwissenschaft‘ to the Congress of 2017.

Following the famous quote by René Descartes we want to express our view that cognition and action are inseparably intertwined, one could even say that at the end of the day cognition purely serves to allow the control of actions. In this regard all contributions dealing with human movement are welcome, be it motor control, motor learning or development of motor activity. The focus of the congress is on multitasking processes in sport, where the interaction between cognitive and motor processes are especially clear. The challenge or oft even impossibility to achieve several movement goals can lead to a decline in cognitive processing performance. Vice versa, performing several cognitive tasks at once can lead to disturbances in motor behavior. How these limitations in performance come about and how they might be overcome is the main topic of the congress. Fundamental research and applied research in a sports setting dealing with these questions are both very welcome.

We invited four experts to speak on the main topic. Scientific communication will furthermore be made possible through workshops and poster presentations. The official language of the congress will be German but the program will also contain an English speaking part so that guests who don’t speak German will also be able to participate actively. Young scientists will be given the opportunity to win a 3.000,00 € research grant. New to this year’s edition of the congress will be a „No-Data“ work group where research projects and ideas for which no data has been collected yet can be introduced and discussed.

It would make us happy to see you at our congress!

Stefan Künzell, Claudia Augste, Harald Ewolds and the organizational team.